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The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Becoming visible (Search Engine Optimization)

September 10, 2018

SEO google A major goal I had for one of my businesses this year was to work on visibility especially on search engines; This for me meant working on search engine optimization for the website.   Fortunately for me, sometime during in the year I met a guy called Supo who has years of experience […]

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Dear Entrepreneur, Ten (10) things you should know about Digital Marketing (online marketing) ….

June 6, 2017

Digital marketing People spend twice as much time online as they used to 12 years ago. More than ever it has now become important for entrepreneurs to plan out online marketing efforts. This does not necessarily have to involve a lot of money however it requires dedication. Having the right knowledge lets you coordinate your […]

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The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Digital Marketing goals…

June 5, 2017

I never really took out time to learn about digital marketing till new customers started speaking of how they found my business through the internet. I wanted more customers to find me so i took keen interest in digital marketing.  This research opened up my mind to endless untapped opportunities within the digital space ; […]

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Business fact : Digital marketing

May 3, 2017

This infers that more than half the time people spend on the internet ,they do so on their mobile phones.This definitely counts for something ; so whatever digital marketing strategy you have in place must largely suit mobile phone users.

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Effective Content marketing for startups and small businesses (2)

September 9, 2016

This is a follow up post on effective content marketing for startups and small businesses (1) ,it will discuss benefits and share online tools that can be used in content marketing. photo credit Benefits of effective content marketing– When done consistently ,content marketing allows your target audience see your business name ,become familiar with […]

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Effective Content marketing for startups and small busineses (1)

September 8, 2016

Content Marketing is one of the ways start up businesses can stand out and be noticed in the crowded market place. It involves communicating with a target audience by providing valuable information instead of offering a sales pitch.It is sometimes called non interruption marketing,in which case the audience is willing to listen because it sees […]

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