Diary of a biznessvirgin

The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Personal productivity tools

January 29, 2018

Personal productivity tools I started having lower back pains sometime last year, this made me change my sitting position and  start posture exercises . The posture exercises have been quite helpful with the pain ; thought to share a few posture exercises for people who might just be having the same issues as me… photo […]

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The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Set the tone…..

January 21, 2018

Business diary Happy New Year !!!  I feel so alive and refreshed, its amazinggggg . My last post was in November and though i struggled to put up regular posts these past weeks, i never got to it. December is always a busy time for business and in between i had to deal with an […]

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The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Dear New Born Entrepreneur …

October 13, 2017

 So many insecurities come with leaving a 9-5 Job to become an entrepreneur ; The challenges faced doing 9-5 jobs are quite different from what is faced running a business.I’ve never had to make this switch so i cannot say i know all it takes to , however, recently i got the opportunity to provide […]

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The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Review – Hubspot CRM

September 26, 2017

I have not blogged in about a month and thats not because I have been busy; I have just been out of sync with almost everything. At some point, It all just kind of fell flat for me and I had to always make “super” extra effort to get anything done. I let go for […]

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The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Principle Versus Reasoning

August 25, 2017

Business Diary I like to think my parents did a great job raising me; their parenting skills gave me just the right amount of character i needed to take on life and build for the future. It’s not been as smooth as i had hoped but i am grateful for who i have become. As […]

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The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Brain massage

August 16, 2017

At times i have deadlines and my brain is clogged; This can be a real struggle, its difficult to focus, process information or complete tasks. Its like being constipated, I have come to realize this happens especially when i am researching or trying to come up with a solution to something.  I initially reacted to […]

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The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Business positions

August 10, 2017

Everytime i set important goals in life and business , i depend alot on research for clarity. I try to do this without blocking out fresh ideas or shutting down my creative / innovative side. This has been my “go to formula” for sometime now and it has produced great results. Because research takes time […]

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The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Business assumptions

July 17, 2017

As entrepreneurs,we assume everyday. A lot of assumptions in business need to be tested, no matter how perfect they seem,you need to test them. Some assumptions seem unachievable so we discard them without testing and miss out on big opportunities…..ignoring assumptions can be costly . Business ideas come as assumptions ,when you test an idea […]

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The diary of a Biznessvirgin: For the ladies….

June 25, 2017

Few weeks ago, my mentor invited me to a closed group seminar put together by the European union for Female entrepreneurs in Nigeria.The topic of discussion was Reducing Institutional and Cultural Barriers for Young Women’s Entrepreneurship . A couple of accomplished and well experienced female entrepreneurs were in attendance (as panelists) to share their stories […]

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The diary of Biznessvirgin : Dear Entrepreneurs, build your network…

June 23, 2017

The moment i chose to see life as a journey it became “sweeter”. I started to make an extra conscious effort to be present in every moment; I began to appreciate the very simple things. This in turn made me see how people have defined my journey so far . I have come to realize […]

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