The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Principle Versus Reasoning

Business Diary
I like to think my parents did a great job raising me; their parenting skills gave me just the right amount of character i needed to take on life and build for the future. It’s not been as smooth as i had hoped but i am grateful for who i have become. As an adult that is pretty much set in her ways , i sometimes find it difficult to understand life from other peoples perspectives ; this can be really bad for business . One of the ways i deal with my very rigid ways is watching TV Shows i normally would not watch – reality TV, documentaries and even the weirdest talk shows. Some of these shows i watch once and never watch again, others i get hooked on. These TV shows give me a level of understanding as to why people are a certain way and i have been able to learn so much from this. A lot of innovation i come up with for business stem from watching the most unusual TV shows.
Its so easy to become imprisoned by the mind and in as much as i constantly guard my mind, i like to open it up and TV shows amongst other things help a lot;  I kept away from a lot of things because i was afraid they will alter my principles but then i realized i have principles so i can set boundaries while still being able to reason with others and in situations. My principles let me know just how far i should go when trying to learn from others and understanding this has opened up my mind to learning and becoming better. The world keeps changing and Staying relevant in business is largely dependent on the ability to adapt to the constantly changing environment .
business diary
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Without opening up, the mind stays trapped in the past while the body is living the present!!!

I am not hoping this business diary makes you watch TV shows you don’t like,instead i hope it helps you master what makes you function better as an entrepreneur.

 Watch out for my review of the Hubspot CRM in the next diary. Hubspot CRM is a free business tool entrepreneurs can use for customer relationship management  …
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