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Channels are the routes through which you tell your audience about your value proposition,sell to them and offer post sales service, they show the journey of your customers to you and you to your customers. Channels are vehicles you use to communicate the essence (value proposition) of your business to your market segment(s), acquire, sell your products/services and retain customers. For example, if you sell building materials and there are stores where contractors purchase from, those stores are sales channel for your products, construction companies that build estates can also be sales channels, a magazine for architects and major players in that community can be a channel for your business. Google Adwords is also a channel.
Make sure the channels make you visible to users and allows you follow up on them.
Determine how to regularly evaluate the impact of this channels on your business. For help in determining channels for your business you can apply the AIDAOR storyboard, this will be discussed on a later date
A – Attention
I – Interest
D – Desire
A – Action
O – Onboarding
R – Retention
At the end of this exercise, you should have a list of important channels linking your products/service to the personas in your market segment
Has this post helped you determine channels for your products/servies? Do let us know, remember, THE NEXT ENTREPRENEUR NEEDS TO HEAR FROM YOU!

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