Tips to nurture entrepreneurship in children

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1) Goal setting
-Ask children to list their top goals
-Pick the one that would make the biggest impact on their lives
-With a main goal to focus on,write them steps they require to achieve it.
– Encourage them to take the steps without delay

2) Identifying opportunities
-Praise children when they identify little problems that affect them in their environment.
– Work with them to resolve these problems ,make sure they address it positively instead of just complaining about it.

3)Financial literacy
-Make children earn money through chores,working in your business or running their own small businesses
-Teach them to pay themselves and give back to the society.
-Educate them on how their money can be invested to create even more money..
– Help them start an account and budget their income.

4)Marketing skills
-Motivate children to observe marketing materials like billboards , banners…
– Quiz them on what gets their attention about the message on the materials.
– Encourage them to create marketing materials for their own business ideas.

5) Understanding failure
– When children fail,discuss the failure with them. Let them understand how come they failed and ways to prevent it from happening in the future.
– Make sure there is a learning point for them.
– Encourage them to never give up.

6) Effective communication/relationship building
-Teach children to be polite and respectful.
-Practice maintaining eye contacts during conversations.
-During phone conversations ,teach them to speak slowly and clearly
-Teach them to not abbreviate when writing,make them know how effective that can be in passing a message across.

7) Independence
– When children desire new toys,engage them in thinking of ways they can make the money to buy it through entrepreneurship;this will inspire creative thinking

8) Leadership
-Encourage children to take up leadership roles in fun activities,school projects and small business projects.
-Allow them give small speeches at family gatherings and parties ; this will give them experience in leadership and public speaking.

– When children engage in small business projects,let them price their products,sell to customers and record sales made

10)Giving back
-Teach children to support charity/ a special cause with a portion of income they generate.
-Let them know it is important to contribute to improving the lives of others

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