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Having developed the right product(s)/service to suit a target audience (using a business model canvas/lean canvas ,lessons here,it is important to bring that product to market.
For start-ups, this should involve 4 stages
    1)      Take position in a space where people in your target audience are active online and on social media platforms
    2)      Build awareness round your brand, product(s)/service by
          Creating special deals for new and repeat customers
          Putting out quality, informative, entertaining and educational content that reflect/relate to the functionality and value of what you are offering ,provide content on regular basis and make it something they will want to share with friends
 This will help build trust with your audience which can translate to sales, content can be video or infographic that educates customers on a pertinent issue or an interesting blog post that is industry related.
   3)      Post customers’ reviews of your product(s) /service online; be apologetic to dissatisfied consumers and respond quickly to any feedback from negative experiences.

   4)      Analyze feedbacks closely to improve on existing product(s)/service and to possibly capture any need for a new product that will fit well into that market space as well as suit the company’s mission.

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